Here’s a little bit about Pat, the owner

I’ve known Pat for many years and consider myself blessed to be called his client and friend. He’s an amazing contractor in that he brings so much experience and common sense to any task he’s involved with. But I guess 30 years of experience will do that.

His background, which is extensive, includes the distinction (at the tender age of 27) of being one of the youngest Blaster’s for the Army Core of Engineers. But because of his humility he won’t tell you that. He also won’t tell you that he was a mining quarry superintendent; also at an early age. And if you’re thinking that these jobs don’t have much in common with a handy man, I would disagree. These experiences shaped him and prepared him and they speak volumes for his natural intelligence and maturity.

But at the mining company he was forced to spend too much time on the road. You see Pat’s family is the love of his life and he wanted more time with his wife and  3 young sons. So Pat made a difficult decision and left to work at home. It was during this time that he started and ran his own successful pool and spa maintenance company; a business that he spent many years building before moving to Oregon in 2006.

In 2007 he started a handy man business called the Task Man that he owns and operates today.  No matter how small the job, the business was based upon anything a handy man could do and Pat did it very well. But as his reputation grew so did customer demand for remodeling. Pat will tell you that most folks just want an honest contractor, that provides quality service at a fair and reasonable price. And now The Task Man service includes remodeling his clients homes and businesses.

If you’re looking for an honest repair man to fix your door, or remodel your house or business, Pat Slapper is the man to call. You won’t find more experience, honesty, integrity and happy clients than he has. Call him and find out why so many people like me depend upon The Task Man for any job around your home or business. You won’t find better. Call him today!